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Gottlieb Rescue 911

Contact: +971-55-3380119 | Demand: 3700AED

+971-55-3380119 | 3700AED

Based on the TV show; includes fire engines, ambulances, and a helicopter that actually fly’s!

“Real-life rescue excitement jumps off the screen and into your hands!”

An entertaining pin that will look great in any game room.
It features 2 and 3 ball multiball plays, as well as a Dot Matrix Display.

The game is in great condition and it plays great!
The playfield has been stripped, cleaned, and polished. screenshot_20190906-000258 screenshot_20190906-000240 screenshot_20190906-000224 screenshot_20190906-000408 screenshot_20190906-000350 screenshot_20190906-000332 screenshot_20190906-000317 screenshot_20190906-000150 screenshot_20190906-000127 screenshot_20190906-000107 screenshot_20190906-000046All functions checked for 100% operation.

Game is set for free play and can play four players.

Delivery can be arranged for a reasonable fee.