Oct 15, 2019
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Cooker With Ceramic BOSCH

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The electric Range Cooker with up to 8 heating modes and glass-ceramic hob: makes cooking and cleaning especially easy for you.
Â¥ Display: electronic display of temperature and time of day.
Â¥ Roasting zone: extendable cooking zone for large cookware such as roasting pans and fish kettles.
Â¥ The 21 cm cooking zone: extendable cooking zone for large cookware.
Â¥ Splash guard: a functional and easy to clean panel protecting the wall behind the hob
Â¥ Flap door: for especially convenient opening and closing of

Â¥ Glass ceramic hob
Â¥ 5 HighSpeed cooking zones including 1 dual circuit zone and 1 extendable oval zone
Â¥ Front left: Standard zone 1.2 KW
Â¥ Rear left: Standard zone 1.8 KW
Â¥ Center: Oval zone 2.2 KW, 1.4 KW, 0.75 KW
Â¥ Rear right: Dual-circuit cooking zone 0.75 KW, 2.2 KW
Â¥ Front right: Standard zone 1.2 KW
Â¥ 5 stage residual heat indicator
Â¥ Extra large capacity oven (112 l) with grey enamel
Â¥ Multifunction oven
Â¥ 8 cooking functions: Defrost setting, Full width grill, Hot Air Standard, Half width grill, Top/bottom heat, Bottom heat, hot air grilling, Circulating Air
Â¥ Rotary spit
Â¥ Catalytic back and side liners
Â¥ Shelf support rails
Â¥ telesc. extension rails 1-fold
Â¥ Oven interior light
Â¥ Electronic clock
Adjustable feet

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