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Derby Grayish Armchair (Set of 4)

Contact: +971-52-8640669 | Demand: 2835AED

+971-52-8640669 | 2835AED

d1 our thoughts went back to the origins of upholstered furniture: saddlery. To create an object combining the qualities of craft with the qualities of series, we confronted our fascination for matteograssi’s craftsmanship with industrial logic. The seam, being a crafted detail, connects and transforms hard and soft parts. The object receives its stability from the connection of two soft shells – this new form of construction simplifies production. The (inter-)play of hard and soft surfaces results from the logic of use – like the saddle, connecting human and object”

condition: traces of wear and some minor damage, but in ok condition

Derby Armchair

Upholstery: Leather
Colour: Grey
Base: aluminium grey epoxy painted (A49) steel

Size: W64x D59 x H77, SH45 cm

Origin:  Italy

Whatsapp 0552324987

Note: Any colored images shown are indicative only. Color may vary from original.