Get Your Old Computer Ready for Sell & Earn Maximum Profit -
Dec 8, 2020
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Get Your Old Computer Ready for Sell & Earn Maximum Profit

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We constantly try to refresh ourselves with the upgraded technology. However, the truth is technology always seems to be one step ahead of us. Let’s take an example, one day, you purchased the latest smartphone with all the advanced features. And, after some time you get to know that another advanced one will be launched soon. At that moment, many people surely want to buy the latest smartphone and sell the old one.

The same rule will be applying for your computer and laptop also. No matter, for what purpose (like gaming, business, or designing) you have purchased your computer. If you hear about a new model of the same brand that will be launched soon, surely you would like to purchase it and sell the old computers. So, what will be your next step?

Signs, It’s Time to Sell old Computers

Some people want to instantly buy a new computer after its launch. On the other hand, there are certain conditions that indicate that you don’t have any other option rather than buying a new computer. These are the signs that notify you that it’s the ideal time to buy a new computer.

1. Slow Startup Time

Most commonly when you turn on your computer and it might take too much time to load. You can also try to boot up your laptop from another disk, but still, the problem exists. It means that the hard drive refuses to detect the Operating System. In this condition, we advise you to sell old computers and purchase a new one.

2. Strange System Noise

Occasionally, you might hear unusual sounds from the computer. These sounds are always scary and you can hear it as soon as you turn on your computer or when you are in the middle of important work. When you hear these unwanted noises, it simply indicates that there’s something wrong with the hard drive. In this circumstance, you can take your device to professional experts or, can replace your computer.

3. Jumping Cursor

Many users believe this is a small issue. However, if you ignore the problem, then it can lead to some big problems. A jumping cursor means that your device’s logic board might be on the edge. Also, the cursor will move unexpectedly and even if you try to control it with input devices or external plugins, you are unable to do so. In this situation, we suggest you first take your device to the nearby repair center and if nothing happens, purchase a new computer.

Prepare your old Computer for Selling

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are working from home. If you are struggling with your computer, it seems to be difficult to submit your project within a given time. Now, before selling your computer, you will have to do some housekeeping, like-:

1. Keep a Backup of Important Files

Surely, you don’t want to lose your crucial word document, videos, images that you have stored on your device for safekeeping. Of course, you will perform a factory resetting before selling old computers. Hence, always keep a backup of your important files and document to an external hard drive.

Besides, you can always upload your files to reliable cloud storage, such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

2. Logout all the Accounts

Before you sell old computers, you must spend a few minutes and log out from all the mail accounts, applications on your Windows computer. Doing so will make sure that the buyer will be unable to access your personal information. Hence, you are suggested to open each app that you have logged in and then sign out. 

In order to remove any account from the Microsoft Mail at first, head to the Settings up. Then, tap on Accounts option followed by Email and Accounts. You must choose all the accounts. Hit on Manage and finally, choose the Delete Account from this Device option.

Platforms where to sell old Computers?

You will get multiple options to sell your old computer. Such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or can try eBay. However, in order to create a listing as well as to handle the transaction, the procedure might take some time. So, keep patience. Also, to attract the buyers, we advise taking some good pictures of your model and write a good description. Then, upload the picture on the platform. In case, you have a good reputation as well as a well-established user, definitely, you will get a good amount of cash.


These are some of the potential ways through which you can sell your computer. However, before that, you must keep a backup of your important files and other things as we have mentioned earlier. Also, if you are not sure whether to sell your laptop or not, then you can contact the experts for prominent advice.

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