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Oct 14, 2019
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Nikon D700 + other things

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Hey fellas. Selling my Nikon D700 with two lenses, bottom side battery, flashlight and will giveaway also bag for this camera.
In general all items in good working condition. 0 damage, never felt.
Camera: Nikon d700
Lenses : Nikon 80-400 and 24-120
Battery pack mb-d10
Flashlight sb-900
Bag lowepro. Bag is rly outstanding
However there is one minor fault with camera that I cannot diagnose. I truly do not know what is it. However I remember I had same problem 5 years ago and at that time I lived in Germany and fixed it for 30 or 40 euro.

Well that’s it probably and the reason why I am selling it, cuz I found it in my storage and it was there for almost 2-3 years. So I don’t see any reason keeping it. And other reason, cuz I do filming mostly, like a hobby only.
Best regards fellas

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